CabTec stands for extensive expertise in product development and manufacturing of complex wiring systems for a variety of market segments, such as healthcare, measurement technology, mechanical engineering, building automation, and the automotive industry.

Our activities include:

production of prototypes, small and large scale production
processing of wires, sheathed cables, hybrid cables, strip lines, optical fibres and coaxial cables
cross-sections from 0.04 to 90 mm²
crimping, brazing, and soldering, IDC, ultrasonic and resistance welding and compaction
installation of cable drag chains. Configuration with air, water and coolant hoses according to customer specification
processing of cable lengths over 40 m

Cable board assembly:

1:1 drawing transmission as assembly basis
it allows for the processing of fully fixed single strands
high reproducibility and constant quality by defined interconnection
optimal handling of entire cable harnesses
optional final check is possible with cable board

Module assembly:

economic outsourcing of assembly operations
the cable set can be optimally adapted to the module
correct installation of the cable set in the module
processing and assembly of metal parts

Module assembly:

integration of printed circuit boards and electronic parts
final assembly of the product for direct sale
working out of cost optimisation

Complex harnesses are assembled and prepared (even manually) by our highly trained staff in a cost-efficient manner.

Thanks to cost-effective manufacturing technology at state-of-the-art production sites in Hungary and China, we can offer quality at leading prices.