Purchasing / logistics


CabTec has operated a professional supply chain for years. Our accumulated knowledge is used every day and across all our locations. Our customer base benefits from the price advantages, speed and security.

CabTec’s purchasing division has an extensive network of hundreds of international suppliers from Europe, overseas, and Asia. We purchase more than 14,000 different products, including cables, connectors, sheet metal parts, plastics, etc. Leveraging synergies in procurement marketing in the various locations and industries – this specific know-how is used profitably for our customers.

The number of our supplier agreements allows for preferred delivery lots or shorter delivery times. CabTec works with a preferential product range that is frequently in stock in order to enable very short-term requests for delivery any time.

CabTec’s professional supply chain concept is coupled with optimised purchasing and delivery logistics.

CabTec defines logistics as integrated planning, organisation, management, handling and control of the entire material and product flow with a related flow of information, starting at the supplier with (our own) company-wide value creation levels to the delivery of products to the customer, including waste disposal and recycling. For this reason, CabTec has been awarded the environmental certificate ISO 14001 since 2005.

Specifically, the logistics for customers is a complex challenge:

The right quantity – of the right goods – at the right place and time. – Based on our many years of experience, we successfully dispatch millions of cables per year. At the customer’s request, CabTec’s or your own refillable containers are used and customer-specific packaging requirements implemented.

In addition, we offer flexible logistics solutions: among other things, safety stocks, Kanban deliveries, consignment stock (VMI), JIT, etc.